Bodega Bastard

Inspired by New York City signage, Bodega Bastard is a quirky, condensed, tightly spaced typeface full of personality and weirdness. Designed during a typography summer residency at School of Visual Arts in New York.  

SVA Typelab Summer Residency 

Dea Trier Mørch 

Custom designed typeface based on the wood- and linocut lettering of Danish artist Dea Trier Mørch for the exhibition of her graphic works – Into the World – at Louisiana Museum of Art.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Godsbanen Display

Custom logo and signage typeface for  Godsbanen – a center for culture production in arts, literature and theater, located in the old freight halls of Århus, Denmark. With the typeface I wanted to express the key values of Godsbanen; openness, spaciousness, innovation, accessibility and cooperation, while at the same time giving an obvious reference to train tracks. 


witek golik

Visual identity for textile designers Sisse Witek and Martyna Golik. witek golik work with textiles for interior design products, with focus on materials, tactility and playfullness.

Designed in collaboration with Louise Jacobsen as Studio Oh Ja︎

witek golik

Numbers for Nolde 

Numerals designed for the Emil Nolde exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art︎ in Humlebæk, Denmark. 

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Curator: Kirsten Degel
Architect: Anne Schnettler
Graphic design: Marie d'Origny Lübecker
Photos: Poul Buchard/Brøndum & Co.