Oh Ja Road Trip 

Documentation of a road trip across the US in the spring of 2018. Photos, daily journal entries and lists of experiences. 

Personal project

Louisiana Booklets

Booklets designed while working at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art ︎

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

Mit liv er alles

“Mit liv er alles – Morten Nielsen med tidens stemmer.”  Designed in collaboration with Line Kjeldsen Jensen︎, with illustrations and woodcuts by Line. 

Poems and texts collected by Gorm Bull & Palle Hjorth
Publisher: Forlaget Fredag

Naturlig beauty

Layout and design of “Naturlig beauty” – a book with recipes for natural skincare products by Cecilie Blaksted. Designed in collaboration with Line Kjeldsen Jensen︎.

By Cecilie Blaksted
Photographer: Cecilie Svensson
Publisher: People’s Press

The Typography of Power

Loud and Bold – the Typography of Power is a book that focuses on the relationship between typography and power and the way typography subconsciously impact and influence all the written messages of our daily lives.

MA thesis project.
I do not own the rights to the used text and image material.